Looking Perfect, Isn’t Perfect / Melissa

Looking Perfect, Isn’t Perfect / Melissa

Are you in a relationship that is looking perfect, but it isn’t?

Have you been wondering if you are in a healthy relationship or what you should do about it?
Are you struggling with knowing if staying in the relationship is worth it for you and your children?

How do you determine what is right for you? Are you allowed to make changes, and if so, what will be the cause and effect?

Will you feel guilty and if so, you will feel it will be worth the relief of leaving? Will there be comfort in not only knowing you will have better self-esteem but hopefully so will your children? Or will you just cause a different kind of issue with being a single parent?

Learn how Melissa went through this journey. What made her make the choices she did. How she went about accomplishing her new goal. What she is doing to not only survive but thrive with the choices she has made.

The journey of life is not always easy, so make your choices wisely thinking everything through. Here are some videos on family life that might help you decide.

Click here: If you are dealing with a partner that is a drug addict, please check out Laura’s video. It might help

Click here to watch: The voice of a child from a divorced family. Not to put any guilt on you if you decide to get a divorce, but it is important that you do think about all sides. Yours and your child’s. Even though it might not be fair, your decision should be based on how this will affect your child, more so than if this is what you want.

Click here to watch: Who has control in your family? A video that will help you determine: Does it seem as if you have lost control in your home? What to learn how to get it back?

Parenting with a Partner who has a Drug Addiction/ Laura

Parenting with a Partner who has a Drug Addiction/ Laura

Are you with someone who you think might have a Drug addiction?
Do you sit awake at night wondering how to cope?
Are you thinking or being told by the person who is creating all of this drama that it is all your fault?
Are you starting to wonder about your own sanity?
Are you struggling with doing all the parenting yourself?

Are you parenting children: who are witnessing the abuse of drugs and are you struggling with,

  • do you leave,
  • do you stay,
  • do you allow your child to see and witness this?
  • do you protect them from seeing this?
  • do you allow them to be in a single-parent situation instead?
  • is that better,
  • is that worse?

If you are living through any of these questions…
If you think you are losing your mind and don’t know what to do…
If you have parents, friends or in-laws that think “you are the problem”…..
If you feel you are the only one struggling with this.

Come listen to Laura’s story and see if this sounds like what you are going through.

Being a parent means you are ensuring that your child or children are safe. Not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  If your partner or spouse is not allowing your children to FEEL safe, then you need to decide what is more important. Their wellbeing, your spouse’s (partner’s) wellbeing, or your own wellbeing.

Although you do need to ensure your well-being is solid as your child will be depending on you, therefore you need to make a stable home life for your children. What does that look like? Only you can say for sure. But what you should know for sure is that someone with an addiction is not stable, and they cannot provide stability for you… or your children.
Can you do better on your own? Maybe not financially but in all other areas, YES you can. So look for help financially and take care of all the other needs your children will have without the extra baggage of someone who is weighing you and your children down.

We live and learn more from the examples around us than anything else.

To learn more about parenting without guilt child out this free chapter from my parenting book:  Click on the picture

The word Guilt written with a pencil on white paper. An eraser from a pencil is starting to erase the word guilt.

Or click here to watch a video on Parenting a Parent:

Consequences / Anna-Marie  #PWP Talk Show

Consequences / Anna-Marie #PWP Talk Show

Do you struggle with staying consistent with your consequences?

Do you have a partner that is making it hard for you to do so?

Watch as Anna Marie explains the struggles she and her hubby, and family goes through when they are not in agreement.  Struggling to keep it real, keep consequences relevant and yet not so hard as to be a pain to ensure they are followed through on. Trying to ensure both parents are on the same page.  Is that even possible? If not, how do you handle that?

What kind of consequences do you think are good ones.
Pick from this list and tell us what you usually use and why.

  1. Time outs (with a stool or in bedrooms)
  2. Taking something of value away from them, like computer time, television time
  3. Not allowing them out of the house, or what we call ‘grounding’ them.
  4. Giving extra chores up and above their regular chores
  5. Spankings, or tapping on the hands for little children
  6. Making them go to their rooms and wait until the other parent gets home to dole out a different punishment
  7. Making them write outlines and or phrases
  8. Asking the teachers for extra homework
  9. Taking away allowances (if they get one if not taking away gift money)
  10. If they have done something against another child, make them apologize and or make them do that child’s chores

Do you think about the consequences you give out? Do you think how they will affect that child, and or the other children in the house?

Tell us what you are dealing with below in the comments and how you are doling out consequences and why you are picking what you are?

Click here to watch “Who has Control in your house”

Click here to read the chapter in my book on guilt

Click here to take the Parenting Quiz

Discipline Vr Punishment Vr Correction / Lisa & Miguel

Discipline Vr Punishment Vr Correction / Lisa & Miguel

Can’t decide if you should discipline, or punish or correct your child.

Want to learn what the differences are?

You know your child needs to learn right from wrong, and you know it is your job to teach them, but how do you do that without damaging their spirit?

Please watch and comment your thoughts below so we can all learn and grow as parents.

Please click here to watch the other show of Lisa teaching us how to teach us how to help our children know ‘Their True Value”
Or watch How to Shape the Will of a child without Destroying Their Spirit.