Is Momo a hoax? But this video is not.

Is Momo a hoax? But this video is not.

A mom who had to deal with her daughter wanting to hurt herself with a knife, then drawing suicide pictures. Dealing with the meltdown of all of this made her want to speak out and help other parents know, even if MoMo is a hoax, there are other videos out there that are causing our children harm.

Meridy also had a Teck guy messenger her with this which is good advice. I am waiting for his permission to post it here, so come back for it soon.

The woman in the video was contacted by this company to be an advocate for them, with a company called Bark, so there is another resource for you and your children.

The video this child watched a day before she drew the picture you will see in the video. The video the moms refer to with Filthy Frank has been taken down.

This article is saying MoMo is not real, but if nothing else it is keeping us aware of what our kids are doing.

News are giving some deals here about MoMo  and another one here

A mom talks about ways to help protect. She mentions a couple of sites to use that will help you keep your kids safe’. But the truth is you need to stay diligent

Here is the link to the picture on Meridy’s facebook page

This is a link regarding  YouTube disabling comments… it is a start, but not enough

It is even alleged that a video with FilthyFrank