Adopt, New First Choice / Randy

Adopt, New First Choice / Randy

Adoption is such a wonderful thing. I know so many who chose to adopt and not because they couldn’t have any of their own, but because their hearts are just two sizes bigger than most.  They are amazing.

Adoption might become your ‘first choice’, once you watch this video.

If you have questions and or would just like to tell us what you are going through, please comment below.

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SPORTS, how important is it for a child’s development  Randy

SPORTS, how important is it for a child’s development Randy

I couldn’t make my children interested in sports. We made them take swimming as that to me is a life survivor skill, more than a sport.
We encouraged them to at least try something, but nothing ever enticed them and I never pushed it too hard because of cost and time. Having 4 I was not sure how I was going to swing them all in different sports.

Hindsight is great and if you believe in learning from other people’s mistakes, then learn from mine. Get your kids in some kind of sports. It doesn’t have to be a big-time league, in fact, it rarely should be pressure-filled. It should be fun.

If you don’t have your children in sports, you should consider getting them enrolled, and if money is an issue please check out this incredible charity.
If you anything you can donate to this amazing charity, such as money, time or sports equipment, please give them a call.

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Cell Phones & Social Media Part 2 Orzala

Cell Phones & Social Media Part 2 Orzala

Are you concerned about your child having a cell phone and or being on social media? At what age do you think a child should have either a cell phone or be on social media.

What should you allow and not allow your child to do? Are there things we need to know?

What are your thoughts on this and part 1 of this topic? Please leave comments.

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