Don’t throw your love away.

Don’t throw your love away.

It makes me sad when I realize how many friends of mine actually do not have somebody who is close to their hearts. Somebody that they can wrap their arms around and share their deepest darkest secrets with. Love is one of those things that seem out of reach if you don’t have it but seems almost disposable if you do have it. I would like to encourage everyone who has love in their life to embrace it, to cherish it and to nurture it! If you don’t, you have a chance of losing it.

Before your relationship got ‘old’, what did you do to show those that are special to you, how much you loved them? Did you leave the cards on the countertop, send a little piece of chocolate in their lunch, or do some other little thing to go out of your way to ensure that you showed them how much you thought about them?

We cannot get to the point with anybody that we love, where we can assume that they remember this on a daily basis without us being the ones to remind them. We must, and I emphasize the word must show them daily how much they mean to us. This applies to our one and only love as well as to our children.

No matter who is important in your life they have to be shown that they are loved, not just told. There is an expression that says, “Actions speak louder than words!” What are you doing to put action to your words? How do your children or your significant other know each and every day that you think the world revolves around them?

I challenge you today to do this. In fact, I challenge you to do something every day. A way to show them that they are forever in your foremost thoughts.

A couple suggestions are:
• a little note in their lunch
• a special treat under their pillow
• buy them their favorite chocolate and give it to them when they come home
• take them out for a nice dinner or whatever it is that makes them feel special. (my one daughter loved icecaps)
• praising them in front of others
• remembering special occasions like the date you met, or the date of your first kiss, or for your children, the first time they rode a bike or slept in their own beds.
• pointing out their strengths so they are aware that you know how special they are.

None of this should be done to the extreme as we do not want to spoil them but into expecting this all of the time, but just occasionally to emphasize how special they are to you!

The simple things in life are what make the difference between nice and extraordinary!