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Question 1: A child will not go to bed without crying. Do you?  
Question 2: Your infant will not let anyone but you hold them without crying. Do you?
Question 3: Child won’t stop trying to touch the hot stove. Do you?
Question 4: Child throws a temper tantrum in a grocery store: Do you?
Question 5: Your child takes toys away from their sibling. Do you?

Question 6: Your child is between 2 and 3 and you can’t seem to get them potty trained. Do you?

Question 7:  Your child tells you a lie. Do you?
Question 8:  Your child starts to swear, and it becomes more consistent.  Do you?
Question 9: Your child starts to steal often. Do you?
Question 10: You find out your child bullies other children: Do you?

Question 11: Your child starts to want luxuries (more than the needs that you provide for him) Do you?

Question 12: You think it is time your child starts to do chores: Do you?
Question 13: Your child won’t put their things away. Do you?
Question 14: You find out your child is not doing their homework. Do you?
Question 15: You find out your child is smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol. Do you?
Question 16: You find out your child is skipping school often. Do you?
Question 17: Your child starts asking you for money. Do you?
Question 18: Your child starts cutting and/or other forms of hurting themselves. Do you?
Last question: Your child wants to go to college or university, do you?

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