Lynda Harlos 

Author / Speaker

Coming Late 2023,
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A harrowing true story about sex trafficking and how
Mom and Daughter learned to bring life and hope amidst the tragedy.

It is finally here.
The second in the series
Parent With Purpose

“It” might happen during pregnancy or when your children are teens, but we all get there eventually: that feeling that, as a parent, you are a failure. The fear that you have screwed up your children so badly you are not sure if they will survive. At one point, you probably thought you had it all figured out–then your kids proved you wrong. Lynda gets it as she has been there. 

This parenting guide is the sequel to ‘I was the Perfect Parent…then I had kids’, and will lead you through the highlights of the stages of a child’s life and the parenting journey you are now on and give you some suggestions of how to survive and thrive in each of them. Lynda hopes the gift of her Confessions of a Perfect Mom, will show you that you are not alone in your struggles. Having amazing children will be the benefit, if you just keep doing the very best you can, even though you will make mistakes, as long as your ‘love-driven motive’ is to help THEM to be the best person they can be. 


“Between last night and this morning I spent about 3 hours reading your book ‘I was the perfect parent…’ And I absolutely love it! I’ve learned so much about parenting that I wish I knew before. It would’ve prevented me from many parenting mistakes. Keep up the great work! “

Irene M.

“Already loving the title and am so intrigued by it! And your vlogs are incredible, thank you for sharing! Can’t wait to read more!”
Alisia A.

I LOVED IT!  It will be an inspirational book for many just like the author. It’s warm, generous, and so good for helping with the guilt you feel at times with raising children”
Irene M.