My Story in Bite-Size Videos

It doesn’t matter what type of family, community or culture you come from, you can be a target for traffickers.
Traffickers are masters at building relationships that look real to both the victim and bystanders.

Hey there,

I’m Samantha

It seems unbelievable that there was a man who was willing to become my son’s father and take care of me AND that he also trafficked me.
Hindsight is 20-20 and I have realized that this happened to me for 3 primary reasons.
1. I didn’t know what ‘Domestic Sex Trafficking really was, or how the trafficker gets his victims

2. I thought I had said yes

3. I didn’t understand that I was extremely vulnerable due to a ‘gang’ rape and pregnancy which made me an easy target.

As this is a heavy topic, I have bite-size videos for you to watch, digest and learn from, all in the hopes that you will not become a victim as well.




He Told You Lies  



Just Wear a Bikini  



Fear and Blame  



Where’s the Money?



Why didn’t you go home?



You Said Yes, Right?