Chores done without the fight

Chores done without the fight

The Chore Wars: those constant battles of trying to get your children to do chores and yet keeping peace in the house? Is it possible to have both?

You work hard all day and then come home to a dirty house and your child is sitting in front of the t.v.
They say, ‘hey, I’ve been to school all day.
Really, and you think I have been sitting in my office all day eating bonbon?

Or you are a stay-at-home mom, and your kids don’t think you work hard so you should clean up. They shouldn’t have to do chores.
Really, because you haven’t spent all day just scrubbing floors, or bathrooms, cooking dinners, grocery shopping, changing diapers, running after little ones ensuring they are not touching things they should. Or for the older children driving them here, there and everywhere.  Right? You do nothing but sit at home watching Netflix and eating bonbons.

And so, it begins. Miscommunication is innate in every family.
Children thinking you are asking too much of them and that you don’t do much at all in your day.

You are frustrated with your children because all you have asked them to do is clean their room.  Or pick up their own dishes or put the shoes and backpack away when they get home. These simple little chores seem so hard to teach them and it causes tension and daily fighting in the home. Making it so you dread leaving work.

  • Is there a better way?
  • Can you calm the chaos that comes into the home when you ask your kids to do a chore?
  • How do you get your kids to do chores?
  • Should you pay for Chores done, and why or why not?

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