A Mothers Story: Her Daughter was Sex Trafficked

A Mothers Story: Her Daughter was Sex Trafficked

I remember hearing stories about someone being human trafficked and two things flashed in my mind.

  1. a child/teen being forced into that back of a van
  2.  a rebellious teen defying her parents.

I was naive!!!

Domestic  Human Trafficking is a much more subtle, evil thing that seeps into our lives.

Please watch, and educate yourself.

Being aware of what Human Trafficking really is, and how it all happens will be the first step to protecting your family.

If you or anyone you know is being trafficked please contact your local Victim Services or check out any of these links below.

These are great resources for you to give out, and to learn from

Human Trafficking Resources

Watch my daughters story here
Debunking the myths of Human Trafficking is the only way you are going to fully educate yourself enough to protect yourself and those you love. This video will also teach you things you can start doing at a young age to teach consent.  Very important basic skill to learn that will help protect them for the rest of their lives from all kinds of abuse.

An in-depth talk regarding Human Trafficking and what to look for.