What Religion Should You Teach?

What Religion Should You Teach?

Do you have a right to teach religion in your home?

What about the child, do they have a right to not believe what you are teaching?

Learn one parent’s point of view on teaching religion to our children.

Learning the ‘Love Cycle’, will help you parent better.

Learning how you can improve as a parent, (parenting quiz) can also help you be a better parent.

Lastly, now you are not a bad parent, even if you make mistakes.  You are learning, growing and become better each day. Your child will learn from you, even the things you do we wrong, and they will become better for it as well especially if you own when you are wrong.

Acceptable Public Behaviour ?

Acceptable Public Behaviour ?

Is there a behaviour code for children?
Or should we allow them to just ‘be kids’, and do what they want when they want?
Watch the video and see if you agree or disagree with what I have to say.

If you disagree with the video please feel free to come to the “Listen, Lynda” page and leave your comments.
Your comments from there might be aired on both this website and or social media.

Do you struggle with a child who is ‘Stubborn, or is it Determination?” 

Teaching Independence

Teaching Independence

When or how do we teach independence?

Do you think you should be expected to pay for your children’s bills or buy them everything they need and want?
When does buying create an entitled child or a child that doesn’t feel they need to work for anything.
How do we balance it all? We want to make it easy for our child, easier than we had it but is the best way to help your child be a productive adult?

Take the poll in the video (click it in the right-hand corner) and give us your answer.

Can videos or games hurt our children?  Watch this and you decide

Want to take a Parenting Quiz 

Or are you having a bad day and just want to Rant, or do you have a question: Check out Listen Lynda, Listen 

Reasoning or Disciplining?

Reasoning or Disciplining?

Do children need to be reasoned with or disciplined? Or both?

Would love to hear your comments below on your opinion on this.

Conflict / Opinion

Conflict / Opinion

See how someone can have a different opinion and still be respectful !!!

We need to understand that you and I will not have the same opinion on everything, but that doesn’t necessarily make you wrong and it doesn’t necessarily make me wrong.

Have a difference of opinion means we all live different lives, see things from different perspectives and therefore have a different outcome for what could potentially be the same scenario.

So let’s stop being upset that not everyone has the same opinion and embrace that each of us has a mind, a will and a heart that might be going in different directions due to our journey.

Is your child’s ‘Want To’  broken?

Is your child’s ‘Want To’ broken?

Can’t get your child to eat their meal, do homework or do household chores? Is their ‘want to‘ broken?
You’re not alone. Watch the video and take the poll at 2:13 to share what your struggle is.