About the Author of:  ‘Parent With Purpose’  and  ‘I was the Perfect Parent…Then I had Kids’

Living life to the fullest, learning as we go, helping others along the way.  That is what life is all about. Taking a lifetime to learn how to do all of that, somewhat correctly, without stepping on toes is accredited to my delightful husband and my adorable children Facebook big smile - Grin emoticonsaid without prejudice!

Being a person that needs to stay busy I also ran a  direct sales business on the side thinking this would help with the ho-humness of playing with the shape-o-ball toy and changing diapers. Little did I know that too soon into parenting, it stopped being ho-hum and became a full time, ‘pull my hair out trying to figure this out’  endeavor.

Being a mom never ends so even though I only have one left at home I make myself available to help and support my children by working at home as a home based travel agent and of course, as is evident I keep busy with this blog.

I was not a perfect parent that’s for sure, but I did my best, I’ve learned you can’t do any more than that. I have amazing, productive adult children and I am very proud of them and know that even though I was not the perfect parent, they became incredible people in spite of me and I am extremely proud of them.

“I used to wonder why there were so many parenting books written until I had children. I was under the grand delusion that parenting couldn’t be that hard.  You teach them what is right and wrong and voila you have the perfect kid.  We are all created to be unique, therefore learning who your child is and how best to teach them all they need to learn to be productive adults will also be unique.  We all learn differently and react differently, which is why no one parenting book is THE answer.

I am hoping that my book and blog will help:

  1. Teach see the strengths your child has and learn to set goals for them that will suit who they are and help you, help them to become all they can be.

     2. Show you that you are not alone in your struggles. Because we are all made different, we will not all go through exactly the same things but we do all have the same major struggles.

     3. Teach you how to train your mind so that you are asking the right questions to help you be the best parent you can be for ‘your’ unique family.  Do not feel like you should follow the crowd or feel you need to do the ‘in‘ thing. I want to help you to learn to examine all the options so that you are making the best decision for both you and your child.

    4. Relieve you of guilt you might be carrying because you feel you didn’t do a good enough job. No one has all the answers on how to raise children.  It is part of our journey and our children’s to learn as you go.

The only thing I can say to every parent as a whole: love your children completely and try and see the potential in each of your children as individuals.

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She was born in 1963

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