Do you struggle with staying consistent with your consequences?

Do you have a partner that is making it hard for you to do so?

Watch as Anna Marie explains the struggles she and her hubby, and family goes through when they are not in agreement.  Struggling to keep it real, keep consequences relevant and yet not so hard as to be a pain to ensure they are followed through on. Trying to ensure both parents are on the same page.  Is that even possible? If not, how do you handle that?

What kind of consequences do you think are good ones.
Pick from this list and tell us what you usually use and why.

  1. Time outs (with a stool or in bedrooms)
  2. Taking something of value away from them, like computer time, television time
  3. Not allowing them out of the house, or what we call ‘grounding’ them.
  4. Giving extra chores up and above their regular chores
  5. Spankings, or tapping on the hands for little children
  6. Making them go to their rooms and wait until the other parent gets home to dole out a different punishment
  7. Making them write outlines and or phrases
  8. Asking the teachers for extra homework
  9. Taking away allowances (if they get one if not taking away gift money)
  10. If they have done something against another child, make them apologize and or make them do that child’s chores

Do you think about the consequences you give out? Do you think how they will affect that child, and or the other children in the house?

Tell us what you are dealing with below in the comments and how you are doling out consequences and why you are picking what you are?

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