Interfering Parent or Grandparents

Interfering Parent or Grandparents

Faith Asks, how to deal with interfering Parents or Grandparents.

The video gives our reply, but we would love to hear your answers to this question below as well.

Here is Faith’s example of one of the many ways her Grandparents interfere:

Recently they’ve shared details with the school of custody agreements between myself and her father as we are looking to adjust our arrangement as she is getting older. This was not any of the school’s business at the time as it doesn’t affect her schooling. There was also a morning THEY decided to let her have the day off because she was kicking up and refusing to go but told the school it had been my decision and it was because my daughter was stressed due to us arguing that morning (not the case at all).

They’ve done things like this so many times and worse, and when they don’t get their own way, they act like children, Another example, a couple of years ago, my nan had made a dentist appt for my daughter during her father’s custody time (I have a severe phobia of dentists due to a horrific experience as a child, I didn’t want my phobia to make her nervous so I let nan handle it, but the agreement was no appts during school holidays due that being her fathers time). I begged and tried to get her to change it but she wouldn’t, her father tried to make other arrangements but due to work commitments he couldn’t. Her dad has to drive 1.5hrs to pick her up, and another 1.5hrs to get her to his, they had a new baby (her dad and his wife) and they are both officers, so work shifts are crazy. It wasn’t possible for him to make other pick up arrangements. The appt fell the day after he needed to pick her up, if he didn’t pick her up that day, he wouldn’t have been able to see her. He’d already gone six weeks not seeing her, and he was facing another seven weeks if he had to miss this school holiday.
I put my foot down, and I changed the appointment for two weeks later, at a time that worked for everyone. Because I did this, my nan didn’t speak to me for TWO MONTHS!!!!

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