Children, Not Allowed?

Children, Not Allowed?

When are children allowed to sit with adults?
Should they be made to go out when there are a bunch of adults discussing adult things, or should the adults tone down what they are saying while children are present?

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Bullies: Its not just the kids

Bullies: Its not just the kids

An interesting story took place in a restaurant. The parents are allowing me to tell the story here to make a few points.

None of us have a right to bully other people.  We get angry when we see kids bullying other kids, but we should also get angry when we see adults bullying other adults as well.
Define Bullies: a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate 

You watch someone else parent and see all the mistakes they are making.

What should you do about it?

Do we have a right to step in and criticize another parent for not parenting the way ‘we think’ is best?

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Allowance. Yes or No?

Allowance. Yes or No?

Do you give your children Allowance?
If so, why?
If not, why not?

Do you think it teaches them to be responsible, or does it allow them to assume they should get paid for anything they do?

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