Sex Trafficking Prevention

Bite Size Videos

Short Videos that will help you learn what to look for to help protect the ones you love.

It took My daughter 8 years to tell us that she had been trafficked, due to the fact that she was not even aware that was what had happened to her. Samantha and I made the conscious decision to educate
others about Human Trafficking, specifically, Sex Trafficking, so that lack of education on
the subject wasn’t the cause for it to happen to another girl, family or community.

Hey there, I’m Lynda

As a Mama Bear, I want you to all to learn from my mistakes.
My daughter Samantha and I have spent many hours doing what we can to help educate others so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Lots of videos below to help you understand,
  • What Sex Trafficking really is
  • Where it happens
  • Why it happens
  • And to whom it happens
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