You and your children must take the time to discuss this, not just look at the contract and then sign it. This is a tool to help you protect them.
In case you are not available for them or in case they want to talk to someone else other than you regarding any ‘scary’ topic, you and your child should make a list of alternative trusted adults (that you both trust) that will be a ‘safe’ place for them to talk about difficult subjects.

Any and all points can be change to suit your individual home, rules or family situation. For example the last point might read I will not have any social media without my parents permission. Some of you may feel it is ok to have social media, but in case you have not watched about the almost 18 year old boy who committed suicide within 6 hours of send a nude picture on instagram, I encourage you to watch it. Click here. This is just the world we live in now, and I believe this dad is right about his opinion on social media.

Disclaimer: This contract will not guarantee that your child will not misuse the cell phone or that they will follow these rules. This is just a form to start those very important conversations and to help you and your child committee to each other to do everything you can to stay safe. Please email us at if you have any suggestions that should be used on this contract.


A Few other tips:

* set up a separate wifi router in the house with its own password for him. We locked our wifi down so he could only use his. He put his router on a timer that shut off at a certain time every day

**Cell phone restrictions were set for porn and language filters.

***Apps suggested by other parents for security and or control : Google Family link, Bark. 

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