Are you in a relationship that is looking perfect, but it isn’t?

Have you been wondering if you are in a healthy relationship or what you should do about it?
Are you struggling with knowing if staying in the relationship is worth it for you and your children?

How do you determine what is right for you? Are you allowed to make changes, and if so, what will be the cause and effect?

Will you feel guilty and if so, you will feel it will be worth the relief of leaving? Will there be comfort in not only knowing you will have better self-esteem but hopefully so will your children? Or will you just cause a different kind of issue with being a single parent?

Learn how Melissa went through this journey. What made her make the choices she did. How she went about accomplishing her new goal. What she is doing to not only survive but thrive with the choices she has made.

The journey of life is not always easy, so make your choices wisely thinking everything through. Here are some videos on family life that might help you decide.

Click here: If you are dealing with a partner that is a drug addict, please check out Laura’s video. It might help

Click here to watch: The voice of a child from a divorced family. Not to put any guilt on you if you decide to get a divorce, but it is important that you do think about all sides. Yours and your child’s. Even though it might not be fair, your decision should be based on how this will affect your child, more so than if this is what you want.

Click here to watch: Who has control in your family? A video that will help you determine: Does it seem as if you have lost control in your home? What to learn how to get it back?