Are you with someone who you think might have a Drug addiction?
Do you sit awake at night wondering how to cope?
Are you thinking or being told by the person who is creating all of this drama that it is all your fault?
Are you starting to wonder about your own sanity?
Are you struggling with doing all the parenting yourself?

Are you parenting children: who are witnessing the abuse of drugs and are you struggling with,

  • do you leave,
  • do you stay,
  • do you allow your child to see and witness this?
  • do you protect them from seeing this?
  • do you allow them to be in a single-parent situation instead?
  • is that better,
  • is that worse?

If you are living through any of these questions…
If you think you are losing your mind and don’t know what to do…
If you have parents, friends or in-laws that think “you are the problem”…..
If you feel you are the only one struggling with this.

Come listen to Laura’s story and see if this sounds like what you are going through.

Being a parent means you are ensuring that your child or children are safe. Not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  If your partner or spouse is not allowing your children to FEEL safe, then you need to decide what is more important. Their wellbeing, your spouse’s (partner’s) wellbeing, or your own wellbeing.

Although you do need to ensure your well-being is solid as your child will be depending on you, therefore you need to make a stable home life for your children. What does that look like? Only you can say for sure. But what you should know for sure is that someone with an addiction is not stable, and they cannot provide stability for you… or your children.
Can you do better on your own? Maybe not financially but in all other areas, YES you can. So look for help financially and take care of all the other needs your children will have without the extra baggage of someone who is weighing you and your children down.

We live and learn more from the examples around us than anything else.

To learn more about parenting without guilt child out this free chapter from my parenting book:  Click on the picture

The word Guilt written with a pencil on white paper. An eraser from a pencil is starting to erase the word guilt.

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