If you are in fear of life for any reason, you are the victim, and there is help! 

Trafficking is the worst form of abuse, so whether you know if you are being trafficked or not, you are probably being abused in some way. You deserve to be getting help.
Let’s not worry about what to call it, let’s get you some help.
Many services are equipped to help, no matter what form of abuse you are experiencing, and most do not require that you report this to the police if you do not want to.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Sex Trafficking

It is a form of slavery, in which individuals use Force, Fraud and Coercion to get victims to perform Sexual acts.

But I said yes, so it is not Force, right?

If you are asking this question then you probably really didn’t say yes, but your trafficker is making you think that you did. Learning the true meaning of consent will help you understand that you in fact, probably did not say yes. Click here to watch a video on consent

What is the difference between Sex Trafficking and prostitution?

Trafficking will involve a third party-beneficiary, meaning someone else besides the “john,” or the person receiving the sexual act must be involved. This is often a pimp, boyfriend, friend, or family member.

If I go for help, will they have to tell the police?

Many services offer you the option. Most will just provide you with help in whatever way you need it, and that would include offering to be with you IF you decide to go to the police. 

I know this person, so that is not trafficking, right?

If anyone, including a boyfriend, family member, leader, a friend suggests you do any kind of sexual activity for money, using any means such as Fraud or Coercion, then you are being trafficked. Even if you said yes once but want to stop. If they use that against you to force you to do so again, that is called Sex Trafficking

Find a Service Globally


Victim Services Ontario

VS is available all across Ontario and is designed to help victims of all kinds get support, when and where needed most.

Covenant House

Although they only have 2 locations do they have a large reach across Canada and will do what they can to help.


Website sponsored by Victim Service Durham that is dedicated to Human Trafficking

Digital Empowerment Project

Information and courses teaching you all about online safety

The Canadian Centre to End Human Trafficking

Our goal is to mobilize collective action and system change to end human trafficking in Canada.


Canada’s national tipline for reporting the online sexual exploitation of children. Logo used with permission.
is not affiliated with or endorsed by C3P, nor do we own or control C3P’s website or resources;

Courage for Freedom

 Courage For Freedom’s mission is to eradicate the human trafficking and sexual exploitation of girls, boys and children (all persons). 


Will help you Understand the different Perspectives on the Sex Industry

United States of America

Operation Unground Railroad

The best organization that helps rescue children from any type of human trafficking

Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII)

Helping financial institutions promote corporate social responsibility through increasing awareness, facilitating intelligence integration & technology advancement to combat human trafficking.


Office for Victims

Offers a wide selection of resources on their website for all of the United States of America

You are not alone – We have your back.

Sexual assault can take many forms, but one thing always remains the same, sexual assault is not the victims fault.

Child Rescue Coalition


Office for Victims

Bringing light into the darkness of Sex Trafficking. 

Leading in Solutions to help eradicate exploitation. 


Education is essential
end human trafficking.


Understanding what Trafficking is, and giving you resources to help you.

Wisdom International

Prevention Before Harm

National Network to End Child Abuse

NNECA (National Network to End Child Abuse) believe 90% of child sexual abuse is preventable. 

Foot Print to Freedom

Breaking the circle of human trafficking; trough four-interlinked approaches – prevent empower, reintegrate and advocate.