So after Christmas, many people get the blues or the boxing day jitters.  There is so much excitement and anticipation beforehand that after Santa has come, all the presents are open and the turkey is eaten we tend to be either nostalgic or let down. The question begs to be answered, ‘Is it worth it’?

Having 4 children, 1 grandson, 6 siblings on my side, 4 on my husbands, there is a lot of work put into getting Christmas ready.  I had all 3 Christmas’s here. Christmas eve is my husbands’ side, Christmas day is my immediate family including my children, any of their significant others and hubby. Boxing day is my side of the family, including nieces and nephews and grandparents. I was extremely busy this year. We had people sleeping over, meals to make, presents to buy and wrap and of course doing the ‘extra’ cleaning we all do when we have company coming.  So using the word ‘busy’ is truly an understatement.  But in truth when it is all said and done, can say I am sad it is over? Yes, I can. I get depressed that the excitement is gone. However, I am also relieved that I can slow down and relax.

The one thing Christmas always reminds me of is the fact that I have a wonderful family.  Both immediate and extended and for that, I am very grateful. Without all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I wouldn’t get the chance at least once a year to see them all and love them and see their smiling faces.  And that, in turn, gives me a sense of joy and peace that lasts until the next time we meet.  In fact over the last 5 years or so it has made it so I have been intentional about visiting family even more throughout the year.  Christmas has become a time of knowing what is important which is not the presents or the food, but family!

When it is all said and done, your friends are great, and they love you because they think your special. But your family loves you in spite of the fact that you are not always at your best.  They know our good and our bad and come around anyway.  That’s family and that is amazing.

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