It is time to debunk the myths about human trafficking and realize what it really is.

My daughters’ story, heart wrenching but true.
If you think this doesn’t happen to normal, suburban, faith-based families, you are wrong.

Let’s take control back from those that would like to do nothing more than making money off of our children and potentially destroy their lives.
How do we do that, but educating ourselves on what Human trafficking really is?
Did you know that the majority of Human trafficking happening in our area is involving our own children, living in homes like yours and we don’t even know?
Human Trafficking is not typically like that movie ‘Taken’, or like the other movies that show little kids being kidnapped, thrown in a van, confined to a room and sold. It is our sons and daughters being sold a dream and they are quite often involved while still living at home.

Protecting your children is our primary goal as parents.  Knowledge can help you do that. I wished I had known before my daughter got caught up in it. But regrets don’t fix anything. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and my daughter is now one of the strongest people I know. If by sharing our experience with you will help save one child from having to go through the same then, then it was at least worth doing this video.

To watch my side of this same story, check this out. 

Human Trafficking Resources

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