Are you a parent that has questions?
Are you having a bad day, week, or month and you just need to vent?
Do you have a funny story you would like to share?

Hello everyone, my name is Lynda and I am here to listen.
Once a week I will post 1 question, video or story from the comments and will give my worth.
If you are looking for advice you might get an answer.
Tell me a story, I might comment on it.
Show me a video, I might have an opinion on it.
As a certified Family Coach, I have helped others reach their goals in their parenting journey rarely inputting my 2 cents, but on this section of the website, I will be strongly opinionated and will be telling you exactly the way I see the situation.
I will not mince words in giving my opinion, but just remember it is only my opinion.  Please take any and all parenting advice from anyone with a grain of salt, because no one knows your children better than you do.

To get started scroll to the bottom of this post and start sharing with me in the comment section.

Draw: $50 e-gift card
First, 150 people who:
posts a question or share a parenting story on our ‘Listen, Lynda, Listen’ page of the website (see link below)
shares this to your page and tags at least 3 people (if your page is set to private you must send us a snapshot of it shared on your page via messenger on ‘parent with purpose’ facebook page) 
will be entered into a draw for a $50 e-gift card OF YOUR CHOICE**.
Amazon, Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, Costa, Apple, gas or grocery (just to name a few)

**You must be willing to allow it to be shared on social media and on my website along with anything I might say about your post.

Please note that if you comment on this section of the website it will not appear unless it is chosen by me to do so.
If your post, question or video is chosen, you are giving me permission to use it both here and on social media by posting it in the comment section.
You can stay anonymous meaning your name will not be given out if you request this***

*You will be able to comment on my comments, but I will not go back a second time and give a rebuttal.
***It is your responsibility to state this in the comment section with your comments.

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