Debunking Myths about Human Trafficking to protect our kids

Debunking Myths about Human Trafficking to protect our kids

It is time to debunk the myths about human trafficking and realize what it really is.
Let’s take control back from those that would like to do nothing more than making money off of our children and potentially destroy their lives.
How do we do that, but educating ourselves on what Human trafficking really is?
Did you know that the majority of Human trafficking happening in our area is our own children, living in homes and we don’t know?
It is not those little kids kidnapped, thrown in a van, confined to a room and sold. It is our Son’s and Daughters being sold a dream and they are sometimes involved while living at home.

Protecting your children is our primary goal as parents.  Knowledge can help you do that. I wished I had of known before my daughter got caught up in it. But regrets don’t fix anything. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and my daughter is now one of the strongest people I know. If by sharing our experience with you all will help save one child from having to go through the same then, then it was at least worthwhile.

There are a few resources we talk about in the video, but one of the best ones I found was Rally for the Challenge and they are also one of the few that allowed me to use some of their graphics on this video.

Victim services Ontario: Look online for the one closest to you in Canada.

Victim support UK: Look online for the closest one to you in the UK

Living in Community: is the link Carly talked about in the video near the end.

If you have any questions or comments please see the bottom of this post.

Is Momo a hoax? But this video is not.

Is Momo a hoax? But this video is not.

A mom who had to deal with her daughter wanting to hurt herself with a knife, then drawing suicide pictures. Dealing with the meltdown of all of this made her want to speak out and help other parents know, even if MoMo is a hoax, there are other videos out there that are causing our children harm.

Meridy also had a Teck guy messenger her with this which is good advice. I am waiting for his permission to post it here, so come back for it soon.

The woman in the video was contacted by this company to be an advocate for them, with a company called Bark, so there is another resource for you and your children.

The video this child watched a day before she drew the picture you will see in the video. The video the moms refers to with Filthy Frank has been taken down.

This article is saying MoMo is not real, but if nothing else it is keeping us aware of what our kids are doing.

News are giving some deals here about MoMo  and another one here

A mom talks about ways to help protect. She mentions a couple of sites to use that will help you keep your kids safe’. But the truth is you need to stay diligent

Here is the link to the picture on Meridy’s facebook page

This is a link regarding  YouTube disabling comments… it is a start, but not enough

It is even alleged that a video with FilthyFrank

Teaching our children to Cope with Bullies

Teaching our children to Cope with Bullies

Did you know that so many are trying to teach their children how to cope with bullies, but you might be raising one?

How you talk around our children, how you judge others might be enough for your child to assume it is okay to make fun of others that are different.
We need to be careful about how we talk about others when around our children.

If you are struggling right now with you or your child being bullied, watch Joanne’s story and see how she coped.  Then continue watching as she teaches you not only how to cope but helps you understand how our unintentional words can cause our children to also become bullies.  Joanne has some very helpful tips due to a lot of experience. She is a mom who has been bullied quite a lot of her life and is now also dealing with it for her child.

I think we have all had to deal with a bully at least once in our life. but lets also not be the reason for allowing our children to be bullies.  Our words, our actions, our judgments are being watched every day. We are the example that our children follow. So be a good one. Think about what you are saying within earshot of your children. Think about what you are doing in front of your children. Understand that your actions will be followed closely by your children.
Check out this link of a mom who had to put up with a bully in a restaurant.

Click here to see what I did to help my son through this issue

Check out the new free chapter from my book called “I was the Perfect Parent…then I had kids”.  Look for the part of the chapter that includes:
Confessions of a P̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶ mom:

New chapter coming soon:

  1. Pregnancy & Birth: the wonder of it all

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London mums’ magazine: Owner and Editor Monica Costa

London mums’ magazine: Owner and Editor Monica Costa

This mom built up London Mums’ magazine from nothing and works full time running it. Monica Costa has had the opportunity to interview some pretty amazing stars, as well as some ‘regular mom’s’.  In her words, “sometimes these ‘regular mom’s’ are the best interviews”. Well, I can say the same thing about Monica. She is not a well-known star and she doesn’t have a ‘name’ everyone would recognize, but she is one of the best interviews I have done. She has a heart and passion for people and one of her main goals is to make the world a better place.

Raising her son, while working till the wee hours of the mornings sometimes.  She has figured out how to fit it all in.  Monica also talks about her parenting tips and skills and how she is helping her son to become a product, independent human being.

As you watch the interview you will fall in love with her spirit, and her passion for life. You will discover her love of food, toys, writing and culture.  She is planning on writing books and living her life in such a way that others will have a great example to follow. One who thinks about their fellow human being and wants to help others in any way she can.

Find out why she has taken up ‘Fencing’.

Click here to learn how to deal with the frustrations of being a mom, and all that entails.

Click here to watch another mom who has learned the art of full-time work and being a great mom.

Coping with the loss of a child

Coping with the loss of a child

One of the most difficult things to deal with is the loss of a child.
This interview is with a mom who lost her 20-year-old daughter in a car accident.
She talks about the pain and the steps of her grieving process in the hopes of helping others that might be going through this struggle.

Linda answers these questions in her video and although you need to watch the whole video, to highlight the important parts I have the times in the video beside some important questions that will be great for review after you watch the whole thing

  • What happens to you when you have a death in your life and how do you deal with people? 3:30
  • What to do when you are struggling with the loss 4:55
  • Coping skills 5:55
  • What to do if you feel like you want to disappear 7:00 – 9:42
  • What are the stages, and do you have to go through them? 10:15 – 14:15
  • What you need to do in order to move forward 14:45-18:40 and 27:15
  • Permission to do what you need 29:00 – 30:33
  • Do you feel like you have lost your heart 31:49 – 36:54
  • A personal message from Linda to help you through this journey 36:54 – 42:00
  • Nobody can fix you, but you can need a support person 43:17

Please take Linda’s advice if you are struggling with coping and find a counselor that has suffered a loss as well as they will understand and be able to help you with your grief.

When looking on Google for this type in ‘Find a Grief Therapist, Grief Psychologist, Grief Counselor’ and type in your city.

Click here to watch a video on dealing with guilt

Click here to watch a video on dealing with terminal illness and raising children.

Intact Vrs Circumcision Pro’s and Con’s Part 2

Intact Vrs Circumcision Pro’s and Con’s Part 2

Why do people get so upset when you mention Circumcision.

This show is just about educating on different subjects, and so the subject of circumcision has to be one of them.
Let’s stop pointing fingers and get down to what is important, and that is parenting to the best of our ability.

I don’t care if you did, or did not circumcise your son, it is your business, not mine!!
No shaming allowed !

Even though my guest speaker is very clear in her opinion, she doesn’t believe in shaming either way.

So let’s get a discussion going. Why do you think you should or should not circumcise?  Both of my guest speakers are willing to answer your questions and or give reasons for why they have made statements on these videos, so please leave comments.

Or if you believe the opposite of these guest, please tell us why and if you are an expert on the subject, we would love to have you on the show.   Leave your comments and contact info and I will contact you as soon as I can.

The majority of this info can be found by exploring at either or the main resource list at Saving Our Sons here:

Medical Links:

UTI Resources:

One STI Study: (also at journal site here:

HIV Resources:

Medical Organization Position Statements:

“Protect Your Intact Son: Medical Advice for Parents When Your Doctor Says to Circumcise” by Dr. Paul M. Flies, MD:

American Medical Association Journal of Ethics article:

Time for US Parents to Reconsider the Acceptability of Male Circumcision by Dr. Morten Frisch, Danish MD:

Functions of the Foreskin:

More on Sexuality:


Various religious resources:

The Christian website is and the page with the list of verses on it is

Find Your Local Intact Chapter:

Dr Kellogg’s claim is at this link

Click here to watch part two as well as it is another non-shaming viewpoint.