Are you discovering that parenting is Tough?

Or is the judgment from others about HOW you parent is harder than you thought?

You’re not alone, watch and share with other parents so we can all stop judging others and make the job of parenting easier and more effective.

I struggled for years wondering if anyone else ever found parenting difficult.  I remember thinking about how much of a failure I must be. I didn’t see other parents struggling like I was. We didn’t have social media back then so there was no evidence that anyone else was having difficulty.  I felt so alone.

I have had parents ask me if I drug my kids to get them to go to bed. If I starved them because they were all thin. If we were poor because none of them were in any sports and they tended to wear different colour socks most of the time.

I was back then, and always will be a transparent person. I tell it like it is. When I struggle, if you are anywhere around me you will know I am struggling. If I screw up, you will know it. If I am having trouble figuring something out, you will hear me ask for advice.  This all allowed other parents to see into my life, but they carefully hid behind their four walls not letting anyone see what struggles they were having.

Parent With Purpose was started to help all parents be able to get help when they are struggling. To help others when they have good advice. To be a community of parents that understand that just being a parent, although the best job in the world, is the hardest.

Click here to watch a video on one of the toughest things to accomplish in my opinion in parenting called “How to shape the Will, without Destroying the spirit”

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