Advice from a Travel Agent and Single Mom

Travelling with Children:

Looking for tips on what supplier, what resort and destinations to travel to with children.  How many children do you have? Will the resort hold that many? Making sure you have a travel agent who knows your needs will be a big help as they are trained to know where to start.

Watch this video and check out the list below for some great ideas from a Travel Agent / Single mom.

From this travel agent (who is also a single mom’s) experience:

you will learn what to look for, what airlines work best with families (Most are really good with families truthfully and each year the top supplier changes for this so ask your travel agent).
Work with a travel agent as they will be able to help you with so many little tips. Like which airline (supplier) has children programs. Which airlines allow free seating for parents and children beforehand without paying for them. Which suppliers have great relationships with the resorts to ensure the experience for both parent(s) and child(ren) are amazing.

All the things that as a parent you will struggle with, but never really have given it much thought. Or if you are a very organized parent you have stressed about all of these tips because you know they will cause you some concern.

For example:

  • Tips on what to do at a buffet.
  • Do you get assistance?
  • do you take more than one plate?
  • How do you get all their food and yours?
  • do you leave them at the table and hope they behave?
  • going to the bathroom on the airplane
  • Going to the bathroom at the beach
  • Strollers, do you need one, can you rent one?
  • what resorts to pick
  • Do the resorts offer daycare?
  • Do the resorts offer kids clubs?
  • Are they run well enough your child will want to spend time there?
  • What are the security measures put in place?

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