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“I am a Mom whose daughter was Sex Trafficked and I truly believe that if I had known what ‘Sex Trafficking’ really looked like, I probably would have been able to see the warning signs, and hopefully been able to prevent this from happening to my daughter. “

This Moma bear wants to help save your child from going through the nightmare that my daughter went through.
Educate = Prevention
It takes a tribe to protect our kids !!!

Sex Trafficking Prevention

What does Sex Trafficking really look like here in Canada: (Hint: It doesn’t look like the movie ‘Taken’)
This course will unpack for you the myths and truths of Sex Trafficking and will educate you on what you need to know to help protect your kids.

Teaching Age-Appropriate Consent

Interesting fact: One in four girls & one in 20 boys are sexually abused before the age of 18! And about 35% of sexual abuse victims are under 12 years of age, which is elementary school age.

Discover your child's Vulnerabilities

Abusers and Traffickers look for people who are vulnerable. Discover why it is important to find out what your child’s vulnerabilities are and do to do before a trafficker does.