Are you parenting a parent?

Do you have a child living at home who has a child?
Have you figured out what you are ready and willing to do for this child, your grandchild?
Do you want to raise them or do you want your child to do that? Are you going to help, and if so how much?
There is a fine line between helping and interfering.  But on the other hand, your child might want you to take over and parent because they don’t want to or because they don’t feel adequate.  It is our job to help them realize and understand that we didn’t have all the answers at first either. Show them that you are there to help them, not judge them. That you are there to guide them with advice, but not take over.  That you understand that they will not have it all figured out yet, and that is ok.
And lastly, don’t hover over them when they are doing things with their child. Let them make mistakes and come and ask you how to fix them. That is how you learned.

Watch the video up above to find out how to handle this.

It is ok to make mistakes. What this video to see why.

And you can also learn what kind of parent you are and see if there is room for improvement.

Parenting is not always easy, but my husband has found a way to put humor even into parenting. Watch my husband, ‘the fun’ parent in his videos.