This mom built-up London Mums’ magazine from nothing and works full time running it. Monica Costa has had the opportunity to interview some pretty amazing stars, as well as some ‘regular moms.  In her words, “sometimes these ‘regular moms are the best interviews”. Well, I can say the same thing about Monica. She is not a well-known star and she doesn’t have a ‘name’ everyone would recognize, but she is one of the best interviews I have done. She has a heart and passion for people and one of her main goals is to make the world a better place.

Raising her son, while working till the wee hours of the mornings sometimes.  She has figured out how to fit it all in.  Monica also talks about her parenting tips and skills and how she is helping her son to become a product, independent human being.

As you watch the interview you will fall in love with her spirit, and her passion for life. You will discover her love of food, toys, writing and culture.  She is planning on writing books and living her life in such a way that others will have a great example to follow. One who thinks about their fellow human being and wants to help others in any way she can.

Find out why she has taken up ‘Fencing’.

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