We are in a society where social media more than any other form of marketing helps develop our way of thinking. If someone states that you should act ‘a certain way’ or do ‘a certain thing’ by only offering us one side of the story, as a rule, we tend to say, ‘hey that makes sense,’ and we forget to realize there is always more to the story.

I strive to be a balanced person in how I live, how I act and how I treat others. Do I have opinions, hell ya I do, but I try hard not to overreact when someone has a different way of thinking than me?  Everyone is allowed to have different opinions than me, even my children!

But what I don’t think we realize is that how or what we say will influence how our children feel about things.  For example, if you say: ‘You shouldn’t eat this because’ or “isn’t this a terrible thing that happened,’ you are enforcing your opinion on the situation which tends to make your child already feel the same thing you do! It is a minor form of brainwashing. It is a simple fact, and those in marketing know all about it. However, the power we all hold in our hands is too immense to articulate.

I hope that this video blog and all my videos that follow will show you a balanced way of thinking as parents. I know my ideas are not the only conceivable way to think, they are just one way to think. I am hoping to show you how to read between the lines, how to think about how media or other people’s opinions are trying to make you feel and help you develop your own opinion.

Of course, all my videos are my opinions, but I am hoping you will share your views constructively so that we can all learn. So, we can all realize there might be more to any story than we understand and hopefully, that will open our minds to think outside of our own boxes.