If higher education is what is important for you as a parent, then please watch this video.

There are many things we will try to accomplish for our children.  And we will go to great lengths to try and do anything we can for them. One of the things we tend to think is extremely important is schooling.  Many children will do well in school and will the option for scholarships. Many will not. What do you do if you want your child to have a better, higher education but they didn’t get a scholarship and you can’t afford their school? Or do you think you should sacrifice everything in order for them to get that education?

What do we do:

  • if your child doesn’t want a higher education?
  • Or is just not able to do the work in order to obtain that education?

At what point do we sit back and let them make these choices or do we force our way on them. We are the parent and therefore we know what is best for them, correct?

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Do you have a way to make your child study that we have not thought of?

Please comment and let us know your thoughts.

Don’t ever judge someone’s education level by appearances because many high achievers don’t even have a grade 12 education. Nor judge a parent because their child doesn’t get to college or university.  On the other hand, do not judge parents who have children that are very smart and or are willing to do the hard work to get into a higher education institution.  Neither parent deserves your judgment.  We are all just doing the best we can with what we have and with what our children are capable of.

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