Why are we forcing children to think about what their gender identity when all they want to do is play?  Most children will fantasy play that they are a different gender or animal, but this doesn’t mean they ‘want’ to be a different gender or an animal permanently. They are just trying to understand what it must be like to be a different species.  I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be the Prime Minister, but that doesn’t mean I want to ever become that.  I try to imagine what his day must be like, what are the pros and cons of being in that kind of power. Would I enjoy the attention or not. So why if we think about things like this is a child not allowed to play act without it meaning they ‘want’ to actually be a different gender.

Are children old enough to even know what they are really feeling or thinking about in regards to not only their Gender but to anyone’s gender?

Are we putting thoughts into their heads that they are not capable of processing correctly yet?

Do we want to risk their futures just so we can be politically correct?

Why can’t we just let our kids, be kids and think about Gender Identity when they are older and are able to think it through for themselves.
Let your little girls play with dump trucks and climb trees, catch frogs, and let you little boys play with dolls or help mom in the kitchen without assuming they need to have a sex change or that they are homosexual.

Stop worrying about being politically correct, and instead start worrying about ensuring your child is happy, content and is enjoying their childhood.  We don’t need them to grow up faster than necessary.

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