Are you Frustrated?

Just had one of those days?
Or are you trying to deal with one of those children that know how to push your buttons?

One of my children was extremely good at knowing what buttons to push and when to push them. He had learned at an early age my weak spot and he wasn’t afraid to use it. Especially if my hubby wasn’t home. This child would then go up and above in his attempts to get me mad, frustrated and or downright infuriated.

I did learn a trick, and it worked most of the time. Watch the video and see what I learned, and how I used this trick.

You need to understand that this doesn’t always work. It was several years later that this same child decided he was going to attempt to once again do what he could to anger me. And again he only did this when my hubby wasn’t home. My other children asked me why I allowed this child to bully me. It was not until they asked that question that I realized that in fact, that was exactly what he was doing.  It was shortly after this understanding dawned on me that I decided I had enough. I ended up blowing up at him in front of his father. I was so mad I couldn’t even talk right. I did say something I regret now, but my anger was justified and for that, I didn’t apologize, I just apologized later for what I said that was unkind.  From that day forward my son has been treating me with the utmost respect, and kindness.  He has also learned the art of sticking up for other people when someone is bullying them.  Today I am very proud of him and how he has learned to honor and respect people.

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