“Lynda’s workshops, videos, and resources are trauma-informed, relatable, and high quality. Lynda is a phenomenal speaker who creates safe spaces for her audiences both online and in-person. She connects with her audience and encourages their participation and feedback as she is mindful that every family is different. Lynda’s warmth and genuine nature is essential and balances the heavy weight of the topic!”
– Julia Cusato – Human Trafficking Prevention Expert 

“Every parent needs to tune in to Lynda’s presentation on Human Trafficking. So informative and some great tips along with warning signs. This information provided could save your child from a very traumatizing experience or even save a child’s life.”

-Krista Steel-

“Lynda Harlos is an incredible presenter.
Her willingness to be open and honest about her story creates a safe space for other parents and caregivers to open their minds and understand how human trafficking can touch any family. This creates a willingness for caregivers to learn and have conversations in their own households- improving safety for hundreds of families. Every time I have heard her speak, it has been heartfelt and heartwarming.”
-Jasminder- Gender Based Violence Prevention Expert-