There is always more to the story than we know, so now you know the rest of the story for a raped teenager: #1

You get angry when you find out your child is pregnant and your reaction quickly changes to horror when she says she was raped.  Your mind goes in a hundred different directions. You’re not sure what you should do, how you should react. You want to lash out at the rapist, or your daughter, or the world for that matter.  You are just livid because in your perfect little world this should not have happened.


Thoughts of the teen who got raped and conceived a child:

  • I guess I shouldn’t have gone to that party.  I don’t know what or how this happened.  I know I was suddenly very sick and very tired and went upstairs. How come I didn’t have enough strength to kick him off me when I realized what he was doing? Who was he? Will I ever know?
  • All my friends are having an abortion, I could go have one and no one would know, but can I? Can I live with that? I was taught it is murder, but is it? The world is telling me I have a choice in this and that it is not murder? How am I to know which is the truth?
  • Will my parents kick me out? If I keep the baby what will become of me and my child?
  • Will they believe that I was raped? I don’t dare tell them I was having sex with my boyfriend and that it could be his or they really won’t believe me that I was raped.
  • If I keep him, how do I deal with being pregnant and knowing most of society is thinking I should have aborted him or at least give him up for adoption?
  • I have to wonder what will become of my child and me being a single mom. Will anyone else ever love me and take me and my child in and love us with all our baggage.

Thoughts of the parent of a child that got raped:

  • I want to kill whoever it was that raped her. I am sick at the pain my child has had to go through.
  • It’s not fair that we have a grandson that people immediately have pity on because of his conception.
  • We have to deal with knowing that even though we did everything in our power to keep our daughter safe; she chose not to listen to us causing her so much pain and hurt. Could we have raised her differently so that she would not have been such a rebel?
  • We have to wonder what will become of her and our grandchild. Will she make it? Will she allow us to help? Will she shut us out of her life? Will she ever find someone to love her and our grandchild the way they both will deserve?

Thoughts of the siblings (aunts and uncles) of the sister that got raped:

  • Cool, I am going to be an aunt/uncle. A baby in the house will be nice.
  • What will my nephew be like, will I even like him, and will I even care. Will I be expected to do more or will I get ignored more now that there is one more person in the house?
  • It’s not fair that there is so much turmoil in the house from yet again the drama queen in the house.
  • We have to deal with seeing our sister and parents upset trying to figure out what to do and how.
  • We have to wonder what will become of all of us with this doom sitting over the house.

Thoughts of the boyfriend of the woman who got raped:

  • Why did I have that fight with her just before that party? It is my fault she got raped. She was so mad at me and that is probably why she went to that stupid party with people she didn’t even know.
  • Is the baby mine, should I stick around even though we fought and she said we are done?
  • Will she abort the baby, do I have a say, how do I handle this, her, the situation. I have no rights as she is saying the baby is not mine, but I know it could be. She is just saying that so her parents will help her.

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