Did you know that so many are trying to teach their children how to cope with bullies, but you might be raising one?

How you talk around our children, how you judge others might be enough for your child to assume it is okay to make fun of others that are different.
We need to be careful about how we talk about others when around our children.

If you are struggling right now with you or your child being bullied, watch Joanne’s story and see how she coped.  Then continue watching as she teaches you not only how to cope but helps you understand how our unintentional words can cause our children to also become bullies.  Joanne has some very helpful tips due to a lot of experience. She is a mom who has been bullied quite a lot of her life and is now also dealing with it for her child.

I think we have all had to deal with a bully at least once in our life. but lets also not be the reason for allowing our children to be bullies.  Our words, our actions, our judgments are being watched every day. We are the example that our children follow. So be a good one. Think about what you are saying within earshot of your children. Think about what you are doing in front of your children. Understand that your actions will be followed closely by your children.
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