Confessions of a P̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶ mom:

  • You just pop them out and kind of fake it till you make it right?

The Five Stages of raising children:


I believe that each stage of our child’s life is a gift. Each stage is the best and worst stage and throughout the stages, in this book, I will give you the basic reasons why I think this is true. You will struggle with certain stages more than others, but each will benefit your life, your learning, and your journey.

I have two pieces of advice regarding these stages:

  • First, enjoy each stage for the good in it and know it is just a stage which means it will end soon.
  • Secondly, be willing to let go of the stage when it is done and do so with grace.

Don’t try to hang on as this will do nothing but cause you and the child pain that is not necessary. Remember there are so many other good things coming that you will have the privilege to enjoy. Let the stages take their natural course and become the kind of parent that encourages your children to grow, learn and behave accordingly to each of those stages.

If you are expecting a little one and they were planned with great anticipation and joy, you are blessed.  However, you might be in a less than ideal situation thinking this is not what you wanted and/or that the timing is all wrong. You may have wanted children but just not yet, because you wanted to get something accomplished before becoming a parent. Or you just had already decided to be a parent was not your thing. The truth is, whether it is what or when you wanted this child, it will work out. There are plans and purposes for you and for your child and that is to learn and grow. Yes, I said this is as much for you as for this child. You will grow as much if not more than anything you teach your child.

Whether planned or unplanned there is so much good that will come from giving life for you the parents, for your baby and for the extended family unit. Each person that is directly involved in your life will be enriched by this new little person.

My oldest son is not a ‘kid’ person and yet when my grandson was born, he fell in love with that little boy and now would do anything for him. This experience showed my son that he is a much deeper person than even he knew.

There are plans for you and this baby that will amaze you, whether unplanned, single or as a couple.  Lifelong plans.  Plans you cannot even begin to imagine yet.

Let the journey begin !!!

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