I do a full 1-2 hour presentation, depending on the topic(s), and what you have time for all with 15-20 min Q & A at the end

 Sex Trafficking topics 

The first 3 topics on the list can be separate events, but typically combine all  3 for personal speaking events. 

That would include
1. Sex Trafficking Prevention (Parents, Grandparents, Family members, and all Child Care workers)
2. Discover Your Child’s Vulnerabilities  

  1. Teaching age-appropriate consent. 
    Combining the 3 together does take almost 2 hours plus another 15 for  Q & A


All other topics (click here to see all topics available) 
I will work with you to help you decide what is best for the groups of people you have attending. We can combine up to two topics for in-person presentations.


What the presentation includes:

  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A set of topic-related questions that can either be rotating on the screen before the presentation and/or I can send it to you and have it as a handout at each seat.
  • I also offer a handout sent to each guest via email after the event, which is a great takeaway. It offers all kinds of information and resources.

If you develop a flyer for the event, I can send you my bio and headshot. 

You can check out my speaking schedule by clicking here. 

The cost :   

I do not charge for speaking, however, there might be a cost for travel expenses.


My Why? 

My heart and passion is to help parents realize their worth as parents.

Parenting is the most important job anyone of us will ever have. And, oh how it can be amazing, guilt-ridden, & frustrating all at the same time.

Learning that the struggles they have are normal and giving them tools to help them be more successful and empowered.

If you do not have an event planned yet and are looking to set one up using my topic as the basis, please email me with your suggestions and let’s work on getting you an event that you will be proud of.