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Lynda, feels lucky to be a wife to a great man since 1986, lives in Canada as a stay at home mom and a home-based travel agent. Being blessed to have 4 amazing children (in spite of her many mistakes), now her passion is helping other parents by allowing them to see they are not alone in their struggles and reassuring them it's ok to make mistakes. If you were to ask her about her parenting skills she would reply “I was not a perfect mom, but I did my best and loved my children no matter what. I've learned you can’t do any more than that".

London mums’ magazine: Owner and Editor Monica Costa

This mom built up London Mums’ magazine from nothing and works full time running it. Monica Costa has had the opportunity to interview some pretty amazing stars, as well as some ‘regular mom’s’.  In her words, “sometimes these ‘regular mom’s’ are the best interviews”. Well, I can say the same thing about Monica. She is not a well-known star and she doesn’t have a ‘name’ everyone would recognize, but she is one of the best interviews I have done. She has a heart and passion for people and one of her […]

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Why Don’t our Kids come with a Manual

You have said it and heard others say it a million times.
“Parenting would be so much easier if our kids came with a manual’.
But stop and think about that statement and tell me, what would have learned if they did come with a manual?
We need to discover who are children are, what makes them tick, what causes them joy and or pain.
We need to learn that all kids are not the same. They all think differently, they all learn differently, and they all need different things from us as their parents.

Why Don’t our Kids come with a Manual2018-12-16T19:35:09-04:00

Coping with the loss of a child

One of the most difficult things to deal with is the loss of a child.
This interview is with a mom who lost her 20-year-old daughter in a car accident.
She talks about the pain and the steps of her grieving process in the hopes of helping others that might be going through this struggle.

Linda answers these questions in her video and although you need to watch the whole video, to highlight the important parts I have the times in the video beside some important questions that will be great for review after […]

Coping with the loss of a child2018-11-22T15:41:24-04:00

Gender Identity

Why are we forcing children to think about what their gender identity when all they want to do is play?  Most children will fantasy play that they are a different gender or animal, but this doesn’t mean they ‘want’ to be a different gender or an animal permanently. They are just trying to understand what it must be like to be a different species.  I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be the Prime Minister, but that doesn’t mean I want to ever become that.  I try to imagine […]

Gender Identity2018-11-10T19:38:52-04:00

Intact Vrs Circumcision Pro’s and Con’s Part 2

Why do people get so upset when you mention Circumcision.

This show is just about educating on different subjects, and so the subject of circumcision has to be one of them.
Let’s stop pointing fingers and get down to what is important, and that is parenting to the best of our ability.

I don’t care if you did, or did not circumcise your son, it is your business, not mine!!
No shaming allowed !

Even though my guest speaker is very clear in her opinion, she doesn’t believe in shaming either way.

So let’s get a discussion going. […]

Intact Vrs Circumcision Pro’s and Con’s Part 22018-11-01T23:19:34-04:00