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Lynda, feels lucky to be a wife to a great man since 1986, lives in Canada as a stay at home mom and a home-based travel agent. Being blessed to have 4 amazing children (in spite of her many mistakes), now her passion is helping other parents by allowing them to see they are not alone in their struggles and reassuring them it's ok to make mistakes. If you were to ask her about her parenting skills she would reply “I was not a perfect mom, but I did my best and loved my children no matter what. I've learned you can’t do any more than that".

Infancy and preschool: the fun years

Confessions of a P̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶ mom:

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Infancy is one of the best stages. Your child will be so small, cute and totally in awe of you and you of them.  They are completely dependent on you. Watching what you do, where you go and listening for your voice. They need you constantly for everything.  They are innocent and pure and best part, they have a great smell to them.  Isn’t it true that smelling a baby […]

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Interfering Parent or Grandparents

Faith Asks, how to deal with interfering Parents or Grandparents.

The video gives our reply, but we would love to hear your answers to this question below as well.

Here is Faith’s example of one of the many ways her Grandparents interfere:

Recently they’ve shared details with the school of custody agreements between myself and her father as we are looking to adjust our arrangement as she is getting older. This was not any of the school’s business at the time as it doesn’t affect her schooling. There was also a morning THEY decided […]

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Debunking Myths about Human Trafficking to protect our kids

It is time to debunk the myths about human trafficking and realize what it really is.
Let’s take control back from those that would like to do nothing more than making money off of our children and potentially destroy their lives.
How do we do that, but educating ourselves on what Human trafficking really is?
Did you know that the majority of Human trafficking happening in our area is our own children, living in homes and we don’t know?
It is not those little kids kidnapped, thrown in a van, confined to a room and […]

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Stage 1: Birth

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Is Momo a hoax? But this video is not.

A mom who had to deal with her daughter wanting to hurt herself with a knife, then drawing suicide pictures. Dealing with the meltdown of all of this made her want to speak out and help other parents know, even if MoMo is a hoax, there are other videos out there that are causing our children harm.

Meridy also had a Teck guy messenger her with this which is good advice. I am waiting for his permission to post it here, so come back for it soon.

The woman in the video was […]

Is Momo a hoax? But this video is not.2019-03-13T13:15:42-04:00

Teaching our children to Cope with Bullies

Did you know that so many are trying to teach their children how to cope with bullies, but you might be raising one?

How you talk around our children, how you judge others might be enough for your child to assume it is okay to make fun of others that are different.
We need to be careful about how we talk about others when around our children.

If you are struggling right now with you or your child being bullied, watch Joanne’s story and see how she coped.  Then continue watching as she teaches […]

Teaching our children to Cope with Bullies2019-02-21T08:07:18-04:00