About Parent With Purpose


I started this website back in 2014 and a year later our Youtube channel to help parents cope with the everyday stressful aspects of parenting.

As you can imagine, we had been through some normal/not-so-normal things have 4 teenagers in our home.

Since finding out about my daughter being trafficked, I now dedicate a great deal of time and resources to educating anyone who will listen on this topic all in the hopes that we can prevent this from happening to another family.


A mom of 4, all now adults.
I have spent my whole parenting journey learning that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did.
Now I realize that the journey is what has allowed me to be the woman I am, and I am forever grateful to my children for the journey.
Following Tim McGraw’s advice, and helping the next one in line so they will not have this happen to their families.


Although her journey was a rough one, she is not only an amazing daughter & friend, she come out the other side of some very traumatic experiences stronger, sweeter and healthy in both mind and body.

It is with her permission and blessing that I tell her story in the hopes of helping other parents learn and be able to prevent trafficking or abuse to become part of their life story.